• During the occupation by the Germans the fort was being used as an experimental playground.
  • Wooden towers (12m high) were constructed on top of the artillery turrets ; 30cm mortars were attached with the firing mound aiming down. Different types of grenades were thus being fired at the turrets' armour. The whole scenario was filmed with high speed cameras in order to study the demolition effect on the steel armouring.
  • Also, top secret experiments were carried out with Röchling missiles, the results of which can clearly be seen in the munition-dump of block B-south.
  • Röchling missiles were extremely powerful and top secret projectiles; they were being fired from a distance on a parabolic path, thus achieving so much kinetic energy that they were able to pierce through the 30 meters of protective layer to reach the underground structure and explode in the core of the fort.


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Created on 2000/02/27 by   Dany Jammaer

View of the wooden towers


Result of Röchling-explosion in underground passage way


The Röchling missile