• In order to keep the enemy from getting to the central part of the fortress, a dry moat had been constructed bordering the fort on four sides (not on the side facing the railway); this moat was 15 meters large and 5 meters deep, finished with a high wall on the outside. The entirety of the moat could be covered  with heavy machinegun fire (situated in blocks B III, B IV CE, B V and B VII; each of these blocks also being provided with armoured searchlights in case of nightly attack).
  • The glacis could also be defended with machinegun fire from steel bells on top of some of the blocks (B III, B IV, B V and B VII)
  • The central part of the fortress could also be covered with grapeshot from the 75mm turrets
  • Blocks I and II were each equipped with two 60mm anti-tank guns to protect the railway (the one side were there was no moat)

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Created on 2000/02/27 by Dany Jammaer

Maxim machinegun

Steel machinegun bell

Block VII

Block V

60mm anti-tank gun