• Fort Battice has two main entrances : BE (block “entrée”) and Waucomont. (there were also patrol exits at Blocks I and V)
  • BE was used as entrance during peacetime; it disposed of an elevator. At the outbreak of war, this entrance was blocked with a heavy iron gate and a double barricade of steel beams. The gate was defended by a Browning Model 30 machinegun, housed in a small bunker.There was also a sliding wooden floor covering a pit of 4m deep. Hand grenades could be launched to the outside through specially designed tubes.
  • Waucomont was the wartime entrance : it was situated at about 300 yards from the central part of the fort, in order to be able to enter and exit the fortress without too much trouble during hostilities.
  • During peacetime the garrison was lodged in wooden barracks above ground; a toboggan-slide had been built between these barracks and the underground of the fortress, to allow a quick transfer oftroops in case of a sudden attack.

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Created on 2000/02/26 by Dany Jammaer

staircase at block V</span>

barricade at Waucomont


block BE (main entrance)

pitfall at BE (with floor slid aside)