• There were two types of artillery, with different calibers.
  • Blocks B-south and B-north were rotating (360) turrets with two 120mm canons each.These turrets with a protective armour of 60cm had a diameter of 6 meters and weighed 210 tons; they had a reach of 17 kilometres. There was a provision of 1500 grenades per canon (3000 per cupola).
  • Blocks A-north, B IV and B VI were retractable rotating (360) turrets with two 75mm canons each.The protective armour was 45cm thick, and the movable part weighed 125 tons. Using a 30 ton counterweight these turrets could easily be levered to firing position; they had a reach of  only 10 kilometres. A provision of 2000 grenades and 300 grapeshot was granted per canon (4000 and 600 per cupola)
  • The munition-dump was kept in underground warehouses : one separate warehouse per cupola in order to enhance safety (as opposed to the one central munition-dump in the forts of 1914)
  • The necessary information to allow correct aiming of the artillery fire was obtained from observation stations situated on some of the blocks the fortress, but also outside the perimeter (these were connected to the fort with special telephone lines)

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Created on 2000/02/25 by   Dany Jammaer

120mm cupola after the rendition

75mm cupola in firing position

ammunition warehouse B-south


outside observation station MN29

Observatieklok voor artillerie