• During hostilities an overpressure was maintained in the fighting blocks. When the whole of the fortress was in full activity, a consumption of 80000 m of air was necessary; to allow for this huge demand in fresh air two main air inlets had been foreseen : blocks Jonckay and Waucomont.
  • These two blocks were equipped with enormous steel tubes (60cm in diameter) : 12m in length for block Jonckay and 18m in length for Waucomont; these tubes could be levered to the outside in order to take in fresh air above a possible gas cloud in case of attack by heavy poisonous gases (keeping 1914 in mind).
  • A filter room (using active charcoal filters) had been built in the underground, to be able to purify the air in the underground troop buildings if necessary.
  • To ensure a constant overpressure in the fighting blocks, a lock-chamber had been installed at the entrance to each of these blocks.

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Air inlet in levered-out position (Waucomont)

Underground filter room